Solanges Vivens migrated to the United States from Haiti in search of a better life. She began her journey in New York City as a French-speaking teenager who had to learn the English language. After working in a series of factories for minimum wage and working in the infant nursery of a hospital as a Nursing Assistant, she then spent three transforming years of her life as an au pair for three children in the home of a wealthy white family. In that setting, aided by the strong Christian roots of her family, she fit together the pieces of her own success and learned to put her faith into action, seeking opportunities to offer help, hope and healing to those in need, a practice which remains a guiding light in her life today. As a young Haitian-American adult, it became clear to her that only through education and hard work could she improve her socio-economic situation. As she mastered the English language she also developed an educational strategy and enrolled in nursing school and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. Then, with further education, she progressed to become a Registered Nurse. Solanges is never satisfied. After becoming a Registered Nurse, she continued her quest by earning a Bachelors' degree in Nursing from Long Island University, followed by a Masters' degree in Health Services Administration from Georgetown University and finally, a Doctoral degree in Humane Letters from Voorhees College. Manifesting the business savvy of her father, Solanges worked hard to become a Nursing Supervisor and then a Director of Nursing, before becoming a Nursing Home Administrator and finally a Nursing Home and Healthcare Entrepreneur.

A resident of the District of Columbia, she is known for spending many sleepless nights, planning and preparing creative and effective strategies for improving her life and the lives of others. She is a mother and a grandmother, and for the past thirty-nine years she has made a passion of caring for seniors and the disabled. She has published a great many articles on topics in the field of Nursing and Healthcare.

Solanges is also a woman of commitment. She expresses that commitment with her time, talents and treasures. This book is a testament to Solanges' commitment of time and talent in pursuing her spiritual calling. By travel through books and by actual travel, on planes and in cars to chapels abroad, Solanges has made an apparent historical discovery which (in turn) became a personal discovery and a mirror into herself.

Solanges' commitment of time and talent has also blossomed into a commitment of her treasures. Along with publishing this book, she is launching a global drive to raise funds for the Saint Solange chapel in Bourges, France, where believers gather yearly to partake in ceremonies on Pentecostal Monday, in honor of this venerable saint. 

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